21 November 2009

Kisah Rokok

Align Center

I am Peter Stuyvesant
I have two friends, Benson and Hedges

I came from the city of Marlboro,
In the Salem high country

I Always carry a Mild Seven

I rode on a White Horse
Going to Kingsway in Kent

It was Lucky Strike I fell in love

With the daughter of Master Duke

Her name was YSL

We got married by Perillys , the priest

We checked in at the house of Dunhill

And booked into room number 555

I laid her on the bed made of Gold Leaf

I played with her two Matterhorns

When I poked in my Rothmans King Size

She cried in delight, "You are a Rough Rider!!!"

You are riding like a mad Camel

When I asked her if she is satisfied

She answered" I want MORE!!!!"

Then suddenly she turned around and asked me if I want to

enter her Gudang Garam.

She said... depan belakang puas, barulah


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