09 May 2008

Merc? BMW? No its BYD!!

First looked at the picture on the right, headlamp of a car and you might think wow... another cool Benz designed headlamp due to the similarities. But no.... its actually a BYD Auto, model F6.

Here its a little history of the company. BYD Companies was founded in China back in 1995. Its main business back then was to manufacture batteries and becoming the Justify Fullsecond largest re-chargeable battery producer in the world in 2003. I guess its not hard Justify Fullto become the second largest or even the largest with the amount of consumer itself domesticallyJustify Full. In 2003 it started its automotive industry by purchasing Tsinchuan Automobile Company aJustify Fullnd the forms BYD Auto.

Automotive industry in China are notorious in copying cars design and true enough the 3 models that it is currently producing is bears many similarities to the current Honda city, Benz and even the latest model that is slated to come out bears similarities to a Benz headlamp and BMW tail.

Even its logo is similar to of a BMW. Personally I think many of us wouldn't mind driving a copied design cars, as long as it is of good qualities and comfortable. And seems like BYD is sign up just for that. Check out the link to see the R&D facilities that BYD is doing..... or claim to be doing. I wonder if Proton has a similar facility here in Malaysia, or they are just busy printing cars.......

The design does ring a bell, does it not?



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