19 February 2009

Terurainya Kisah - Real Story of Elizabeth Wong’s Nude Pic Scandal

written on February 18, 2009

Ok folks. This is the inside story of Elizabeth Wong’s scandal.
The boy friend’s name is Hilmi Malek, a married Malay Muslim gent. He was a PA to PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian and a key member of PKR’s Pandan Division. He supposed to be from a rich family.

Elizabeth has a succession of boy friends. Once she was caught while having sex with Tian Chua by the latter’s girl friend who dumped him after that. There are numerous stories of Elizabeth and Tian Chua’s sexual relationship and they were again caught by PKR people at a Taipei hotel during that infamous “frog-hunting” trip to Taiwan when the PR delegation went after BN MPs on an “agricultural mission”.

Elizabeth became closer to Hilmi and they had become close in the run up to the 12 GE. However their relationship were strained by Elizabeth’s “extra-curricular” activities. They were supposed to have broken off after his marriage but it continued. The matter finally came to head about 2 mths ago when Hilmi discovered nudes pics of Eli and her Mat Salleh boy friend. He became furious and they broke off. However the pics that he had come to the knowledge among PKR circles as the ex-lovers had a major clash.

So the factions in PKR eyeing exco seat and the business interests angered by Elizabeth due to her steadfast opposition to hill-slope development and environmental issues found a common ground to kill of her political career. As such, the pics and video clips were obtained by these unscrupulous people and used to discredit her. That’s why these people approached MM instead of blackmailing her.

It is highly misleading of Eli to claim these pics were taken without her knowledge or the work of BN. She better own up otherwise this thing going to be very ugly.

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